Alkaline Battery LR60/LR621/AG1 1.55V x 200, Wholesales

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This Auction is for 200 Alkaline Batteries LR60/LR621/AG1 1.55V for wholesale.

Product Description -

100% brandnew - fresh from factory - high quality high energy density - long lasting LR60/LR621/AG1 Alkaline button batteries.

AG1 alkaline button batteries are commonly used in:
Watches, Clocks, Calculators, Cameras, PDA's, type hearing aids, Flashlights, Laser Pens, Remote controls, Toys, Electronic games, and many other consumer electronic devices
May also be known as: 364A, 364, D364, GP364, SP364, V364, 164, 531, 280-34, G1, CX60, 602, 621, LR60, SR60, LR621, LR621W, SR621, SR621W, SR621SW, TR621, TR621SW, GP64A, SB-AG/DG

Product Specifications -
Brand: Suncom
Size: LR60/LR621/AG1
Quantity: 200 pcs total (10pcs per card x 20 cards)
Nominal Voltage: 1.55 Volts
Capacity: 12 mah
Dimensions: 6.20 x 1.2mm
Weight: 0.3g x 20