Aquarium Cleaner Fish Tank Vacuum Siphon Filter

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Aquarium Cleaner Fish Tank Vacuum Siphon Filter


Fish tank vacuum gravel cleaner uses vacuum siphon to change water, filter gravel, remove fish poop, efficient water cleaning.
Multifunctional, water changing, sand washing & residue removing.
With an bag, vacuum pumping, powerful suction, can easily remove sediment from the bottom of the tank. Built-in strainer in the water inlet effectively prevents little fish or aquatic plant from being discharged.
Easy to use: Pressing the bag repeatedly till the water flows out automatically, greatly facilitates the cleaning process
Equipped with an outlet valve, handy to control the water yield.


Color: Blue
Material: Plastic, PVC
Size: 1.8cm/0.7 inch (Inlet Pipe Diameter), 2.5m/8.2 Ft (Total Length)

Package Includes:

1 Piece Long Nozzle Fish Tank Cleaner

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