Aquarium Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner - BOYU

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One Aquarium Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner - BOYU, from the best aquariums and accessories factory.

This Aquarium Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner is a practical tool for cleaning and maintaining your aquarium.

Aquarium Fish Tank Cleaner has an oval-shaped cleaning tube that allows easy access to the corners of your fish tank.
It also has a quick-start feature that will provide you a hassle-free start up of the product.
It is designed with a comfortable grip and non-kink hosing.
This product is specifically made for cleaning the gravel and changing the water in your tank/aquarium.

Key Benefits:
*Quick-start feature provides a hassle-free startup.
*Gravel guard keeps the gravel in the tank, not in the bucket.
*An oval-shaped cleaning tube allows easy access to corners
*It has a comfortable grip and non-kink hosing.
*The gravel cleaner works well in planted and decorated aquariums.
*Made Specifically for: Cleaning the gravel and water changing your tank.


* Innovative Auto Siphon Pump
* Quick and easy to use
* Hassle-free start up
* Oval-shaped cleaning tube for easy access to corners
* On/Off control valve
* Integrated gravel/fish strainer
* Gravel guard - keeps gravel in the tank
* Can be used in small to large size aquariums


* Condition: Brand new
* Brand:BOYU (The best aquariums and accessories factory)
* Model: BY-28
* Material: Plastic
* Pipe diameter: 1.4cm
* Unit length: 2.5m
* Weight: Approx. 500g

1 x Aquarium Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner

How to use:

1. Submerge gravel vacuum cleaner inside aquarium
2. Place other end of hose into a bucket.
3. Open up flow control valve.
4. Start squeezing the auto siphon pump until a siphon is created.
5. Remove fish waste and debris by lowering gravel vacuum on gravel.
6. Adjust flow control value as needed for different size aquariums