Aquarium Glass Pebbles - white 5KG

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This auction is for Aquarium Creamy white Glass Pebbles 5kg.

Wash before placing in your fish tank.

Features and Specification:

So easy, so clean, so ageless - glass pebbles provide the tones of underwater shadows and the perception of depth and calm.

A fanciful replacement for ordinary gravel, these glass pieces are smoothed by our tumbling process. Safe, colorful, translucent, and suitable to the fish and the favorable bacteria that becomes the haven of a healthy aquarium.

*Key Benefits:

*Provides a substrate for good bacteria to live in
*Helps stabilize the PH of your water
*Makes your aquarium look great
*Made Specifically For: Cold water and tropical tanks

Keywords: Aquarium Gravel / Aquarium Stones / Rock Artist Gravel