Baseball Glove Size 9" - Black, right

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This is an auction for one baseball glove, black, Right hand.


- Quality gloves for practice, created by the production technology
- Produced excellent fit
- Made by PU leather, safe and comfy
- Pitcher model, fit for left/right hand.
- Cushioned palm pad can reduce the impact.
- Padded with soft faux fur lining, they can bring you a much better protection and more comfortable wearing.


- 9 inch fits
-Colour available: See photo

Package Contents:

1 x Base Ball Glove 9"

Baseball Fielding Glove Sizing Chart
Age Infield Outfield
under 8 8'' 10''
9-13 9''-10'' 11''-12''
High school or adult 10.5''-11.5'' 12''-12.5''