Bicycle Front Fork Star Nut Installer Tool Sunflower Core Insert Tool - LeBycle

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One Bicycle Front Fork Star Nut Installer Tool Sunflower Core Insert Tool - LeBycle
Lebycle Bike Sunflower Core Insert Tool Bicycle Front Fork Star Nut Setter Bike Headset Sunflower Core Nut Install Driving Tool

1. The anti-skid drawing lines and rubber ring play a role of damping and anti-shake, ensuring the accuracy of penetration.
2. At the bottom of the casing, there are two built-in rubber rings to match the front fork standpipe to ensure that the tool sleeve is attached to the front and prevent the flower core from being driven into the head tube and the tool cannot be pulled out.
3. The inner ejector rod is made of steel, and the surface layer is brushed with anti-skid patterns, and the protruding position prevents the sleeve from being injured.
4. A rubber ring is placed on the top of the casing to prevent the hammer from slipping.

Material: steel + rubber

upgrade model: HST-22
Size: 105*33.5mm
Color: orange

Installation steps:
1.Screw the sun flower core to the inner ejector pin and lock the end of the ejector pin.
2.Put the inner ejector rod into the outer tube in the direction shown in the figure.
3.Align the outer tube with the inner ejector rod and put it on the front fork, and press it down.
4.Grasp the outer tube with one hand, and hold the hammer with the other hand, and knock the inner ejector rod in until the inner ejector rod is flush with the outer tube.
5.Take out the outer tube, rotate the inner ejector rod, and safely drive the flower core into the front fork.