Bicycle Bottom Bracket Install and Removal Tool - for BB86/PF30/92/386 more

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One Bicycle Bottom Bracket Install and Removal Tool - Lebycle, for BB86/PF30/92/386 and more

Lebycle Bicycle Bottom Bracket Install and Removal Tool Axle Disassembly for BB86/PF30/92/386 Mountain Bike Road Fixed Gear
Product name: static installation and removal tool for pressing in the bottom bracket
Function: disassemble and install the bottom bracket bearing and shell.
Suitable for a variety of press-in BB bottom bracket specifications, as long as this group is installed and disassembled, all needs can be met (the headset is prohibited from being pressed in)

Some of the aluminum sleeve press-fit type bottom bracket may have the problem that only the bottom bracket bearing can be removed when disassembling. Because the force of the tool is on the bearing, the aluminum sleeve bottom bracket may cause the bearing to come out first, and the aluminum sleeve still Caught on the frame, and the outer edge of the bottom bracket is parallel to the edge of the frame bottom bracket. Because the tool cannot be fixed at the bottom bracket, the static pressure tool cannot be used.

The bottom bracket (bearings) that the tool can be use to install or disassemble:
6805 (25X37X7) Bearing
6806 (30X42X7) Bearing
Press-in type BB R92/T86
R30 (BB30 to BB24 converter)
Static press-in and removal of PF30, bbright, bb386 and other bottom brackets (sram's PF30 special bottom bracket)
press-in bottom brackets such as bb86, bb30, bb91, bb92, PF30, etc
Almost all common hollow threaded bottom bracket bearings and bb86, bb30, bb91, bb30 to 24, bb92

Colour: silver + black
Material: aluminum alloy

Package Contents:
1 set * bicycle bottom bracket pressing tools