Bike Bicycle Handlebar Grips 1 pair - Black with Blue Lock

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Bike Bicycle Handlebar Grips 1 pair - Black with Blue Lock ring

The ergonomic handlebar grips are made of TPR non-slip rubber material and is non-slip double-locked design, soft and comfortable.
The shock absorption effect prevents the paralysis and pain of the palm fingers caused by long-distance riding.
Whether it is riding in the rain or sweat penetration, the sleeve is not easy to slip off.
High-strength and lightweight aluminum alloy horn plus ring, integrated, stable and durable.
The horn can be adjusted before and after the individual posture, reducing the physical burden, increasing the riding efficiency of the uphill, saving physical strength and increasing the speed.
Standard tube for 2.2CM diameter.

Color: Black with Blue Lock ring
Material: TPR rubber + aluminum alloy
Size: 13.5cm (5.31in) × 3.3cm (1.3in)
The inside diameter: 2.2cm
Quantity: 1 Pair

Note: Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement.
Due to the different monitors, the picture may not show the color of the item accurately.

Package includes:
1pair × Bicycle Handlebar Grips
(No retail package)