BOYU Automatic Fish Feeder Timer-Battery Powered

BOYU Automatic Fish Feeder Timer-Battery Powered

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Automatic Fish Feeder with LCD Screen, with 1 year return to base warranty!

Brand:BOYU, the Top 1 Brand, high quality!
Model: ZW-82

This Automatic Fish Feeder routinely feeds your aquarium. With this Automatic feeder there won’t be a risk of overfeeding or starving your fish.

* The hatch style feed door is completely adjustable; allowing you to decide how much food is dished out at each meal.
* This Automatic Feeder is also easy to remove for regular cleaning.
* Fully adjustable clamp allows the feeder to mount on almost any style aquarium. *The Feeder features a large size digital display showing the time and makes it easy to view when programming.
* Food Container Load: Approx. 40g fish foods
* The programmer allows for up to four automatic feedings per day, whether single or double feed.
* Manual override allows single feeding at a press of a button.
* Size: 14cm L x 9cm W x 11.5cm H, weighs 224g
* Programmable food volumes and can set up to 4 feeding times per day.

How many days can the feeder automatically feed?
We have done a test. For five golden cold water fishes of 12cm long, with a fully charged food container, it can feed them for approx. 20 days with no risk of overfeeding or starving your fishes.