Coil Spring Compressor

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Set of 2 Compressor Maintain Spring Curvature, Permits Quick and Safe Removal or Installation of Spring While Repairing Struts.

The Tool Coil Sprin Compressor is designed for use in limited space under wheel arch. It is great for home and professional car repairer!

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Product Name: Shock Absorption Spring Compressor
Specification: 370mm
Dimension (LxW): 37 x 8cm
Product weight: 2kg
Can be used with 1/2" square drive or 21mm spanner
Jaws design is fitting to wrap coil claws for safety
Tools for repair shock absorber by removing suspension coil springs
Strong and durable forging claws
The claw hook is forged from No. 45 high-quality carbon steel to ensure the strength of use. Specially widened and reinforced thread design to ensure safe use. 1/2DR, square hole, can be used with 1/2DR drive tool or 21mm sleeve, wrench.


1 X Set of 2 Coil Spring Compressor