Dog Harness with Leash, Red/Yellow/Blue, Large

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This auction is for one Dog Harness Set with Leash and PP foam protection - Red/Yellow/Blue, heavy duty for large dog.

Product Features:

- Fully Padded in all areas that touch your dog's pressure points.
- Reduce the amount of friction on the dog's body caused by excessive pulling.
- Reduce slippage prevalent when nylon becomes wet.
- Fully Adjustable.
- With only a single clip at the top of the straps, very easy to use.
- Heavy Duty
- Dog Harness with soft foam paddle chest

Suggested breeds(guidance only): Husky, Labrador, Border Collie, Golden Retriever, Pointers, Setters and similar size breeds.

Material: Nylon
Colour: Red/Yellow/Blue
Rope Length: about 126cm (include the hook) Long, 4cm wide and 5mm thick.

Suit for dogs whose neck circumference is between 62~80cm (adjustable)

Combined shipment is available.