E-Bike DIY Kit - convert 27.5" mountain bike to E-Bike, 36V 250W, 6.4Ah LG

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The bike must meet the following specifications, please read carefully otherwise we don't refund the round-trip shipping fee.
- 27.5" rear wheel with cassette Hub for 7 ~ 10 sprocket Cassette. (This KIT offers cassette Hub, cassette not included. need to use your existing one).
- Water bottle location ready on the frame, for the battery (29 L x8x8 cm)
- The clear distance between the rear fork and the brake disc is about 11 ~ 13mm. Please check if your disc brake pads' position is suitable. Or you can use V brake.
- The clear distance required between two of your rear wheel forks is approxi. 135mm.
- The narrow part of the KIT rear rim axle is approx. 10mm
- Your Bottom Bracket is Square Taper Bottom Bracket or similar (pls see last photo), otherwise our sensor may not fit.

This DIY Kit contains eight parts:
Part 1: 27.5" Rear Wheel including Rear Rim, Spoke, cassette hub and built-in 36Vdc/250W brush-less geared Motor.
Part 2: LCD Display
Part 3: Battery Holder with built-in E-Bike Controller
Part 4: 36V/6.4Ah Lithium Battery (LG Battery cells inside.)
Part 5: Battery Charger
Part 6: Front LED Light (not included)
Part 7: 5 in 1 Extension Cable
Part 8: E-Bike Dual Hall Power-Assist Sensor
Part 9: Throttle

- Two Modes:
Electric assistant mode: the system automatically provide motor power assistant when pedaling, stop motor when stop pedaling, adjust the power assistance
according to the pedaling force/speed and mode. User can select five modes on the LCD Display/mode controller: Mode 1 offers the lowest power and longest battery time, Mode 5
offers the highest power and shortest battery time.

Throttle Mode: Use the throttle to control speed.

- Range: 30 ~ 50 km at mode 1 ~ 3 (depended on road, Load and battery condition)

1 Year return to base warranty (conditions applied).