EPEVER EP Solar Tracer MPPT Remote MT-50 for BN A Series MT50 Remote Meter

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EPEVER EP Solar Tracer MPPT Remote MT-50 for BN A Series MT50 Remote Meter

Remote Meter Display MT-50 for EPever EPsolar MPPT Solar Charge Controller Tracer-AN Tracer-BN TRIRON XTRA ViewStar-AU BN Series
The new generation remote meter MT50 is compatible withEpsolar’s LS****B solar charge controller. It can monitor real-time data and status, remotely control load ON/OFF, browse and modify the control parameter, charge mode, load work mode, and inquiry failure information etc.
· Automatic identify the controller, and display the type, model and relevant parameter data
·Large-screen multifunction LCD displays all the operational data and system working status in digital, graphic and textual forms
·With six navigation function keys, the operation is direct, convenient and rapid
·Real-time energy statistics recording
·Both data and data flowing on the same lead ,no need for external power
·Real-time monitoring and acoustic alarm of failure information of the controller
·Longer communication distance based on RS485

More powerful function Via MT50
·Diversified load control modes : manual, light ON/OFF, Light ON+ Timer, Time Control
·Battery type selection: Gel, sealed, flooded and USER type
·Real-time monitor
·Programmable parameters
·Energy display function


Backlight and acoustic alarm on<65mA

Backlight on<23mA

Backlight off <15mA

Faceplate dimensions

98×98 mm / 3.86×3.86 in

Frame dimensions

114×114 mm / 4.49×4.49 in

Connector type


Meter cable

Standard 2m, max .50m

Meter weight

0.190 Kg

Ambient Temperature