Foot Massage Toe Ring for Slim

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2Pcs Massage Magnetic Silicone Foot Massage Toe Ring Fat Burning Loss Weight Women Feet Care Slimming Reduce Body Weight Loss Product Health Care Beauty Slim Tools Body Massage New Technology Healthy

Product Features:
Brand new and packaged.
Slimming Health Silicon Magnetic Foot Massage Toe Ring.
1100 magnetic Gaussian scale to stimulate the foot massage Reduce fat on body.
Increase your metabolism, thus helping with weight loss.
Massage the foot.
Improve blood circulation.
The rings are soft and comfortable to wear and are virtually invisible.

Material: Transparent medical silicone / magnet

Color: White
Magnetic strength: 1100 Gauss
Number of magnets: 2 (1 per ring)
Diameter of each ring: 25mm/0.985"
Width of each ring: 13mm/0.51"

Package Include:

2 pcs=1Pair × Toe Rings


1. worn on the feet of the middle toe and toe food
2. toe ring projecting toward the inner portion, worn toe and middle toe food

1, whether to walk or not, as long as no toes strange feeling, you can always wear;
2, if the use of congestion, pain or itching and other strange feelings, please stop using; 3, away from the gas fire;
4, in a place away from the children;
5, if the toe ring sets of color, non-product quality problems, the effect is still the same;
6, with warm water or neutral detergent to clean;
7, dried please save. Japan Product Name: magic toe ring Product Description: set in the thumb and toe walking, body weight