GEOL. Sobo Fish Tank/ Aquarium Champagne -230L-1Yr Warrt

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This auction is for one Sobo Fish Tank/ Aquarium Black 230L with cabinet.

Brand New
Brand: Sobo. (The Top Quality)
Model: T-120F Patent Rights Reserved ISO 9001: 2008

* Novel and attractive shape.
* Waterproof, with inner silent water pump and upper filter, improving water quality, good for helpful germs to grow, to produce a serial biological chain.
* It will provide your aquatic pets and plants with a natural and healthy environment, beautify your family home with ease.
* Come with Filter & Light
* These classic design aquariums are an instant attraction for any venue
*Our stunning curved front glass ensures unrivalled views of your underwater world.
*Unique waterproof light tubes and holder for maximum illumination especially suitable for aquatic plants and all fish.

Volume: 230Litres
Voltage: 220-240V
Attractive aluminum cover which will not overheat the lighting tubes.
Lighting: Energy Saving Lamp 30W x 2
Top Filter System: 35W bio filtration system for unrivalled water quality.
F. Max: 2800L/H
BODY SIZE: 1200*380*695 MM;
CABINET SIZE: 1200*380*660MM;

***Come with the filter light***

Does not include plants, fish or ornaments as in picture