Guitar Interface Converter

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Guitar Interface Converter Replacement Guitar For iPhone 5/ 5s/ 5c 6 6S Pad etc.


Hot Mini Rig Guitar Link Audio Interface System Amplifier AMP Guitar Effects Pedal Converter 3.5mm Jack Cable Adapter

Guitar adapter is a combination of an easy-to-use instrument interface adapter and guitar and bass tone mobile software.
Download the AmpliTude free app from App Store.
Plug the adapter into the headphone jack of such for iPhone 5/ 5s/ 5c 6 6S Pad etc.

Plug your guitar or bass into the adapter 1/4 jack.
Plug your headphones or external speakers into the adapter headphone jack.
Now launch Amplitube Free and start rocking.

Product Features:

Brand new 100%
3.5mm earphone jack
Free app for ios (please download the app by yourself)
Color: Black
Net Weight: Approx 30g

Package include:

1 x Guitar Interface Converter