Kenda Bike Inner Tube 27.5"X1.9~2.125, Schrader Valve, self-sealing

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Kenda Bike Inner Tube 27.5"X1.9~2.125, Schrader Valve/American Valve 36mm L, self-sealing

Brand: Kenda
Item: Kenda MTB inner tube 27.5"X1.9/2.125 AV, self-sealing
Material: Butyl rubber
Weight: 350 gram each inner tube
Slime Seal Self-Sealing Tube, Pre-injected with a self sealing liquid that quickly stops leaks & punctures up to 1/8" Diameter hole
Color: black
Size: 27.5"X1.9/2.125 schrader valve/American Valve 36mm
Suits for: Mountain Bike Tires , Road bike tires, BMX

Top grade Kenda mountain bike inner tube
Made of up with high quality butyl rubber
Suits for size of 27.5" X 1.9" ~2.125" bike tires
Suit for regular bicycle.
High air tightness, and no leakage.

Package included:
1 x Kenda inner tube 27.5"X1.9/2.125 AV self-sealing tube