LED light Underground Garden Path Floor Lamp 3W

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Waterproof 3W LED Underground light Ground Garden Path Floor Lamp Outdoor Underground Buried Yard Lamp Landscape Light.LED Underground light 3W Floor Lamp Underground Spot Landscape Garden Path


Convenient installation: Made in easy structure, the lamps are easy to install.

3W/5W for you to choose, you can decide the light quantity as your specific needs.

Small and lightweight, high brightness, easy and convenient installation, it is practical and economic.

It can be widely used in both indoor and outdoor situations such as garden, yard, patio, etc.


LED type: High Power 3w

Voltage: 12V

LED quantity: 3 piece

Light color: Warm white

Bean Angle: 90degree

Lumens: 300-350LM

Face Diameter: 80mm

Hole Size: 75(D)*80(H)mm


There is a cable out the holes of garden light's dial. There is no safety hazard and it does not affect usage effect

The red line is not dangerous, it is not exposed to the air, but in the glass lid. And the colour of line is random. if you mind, be careful to place an order