Premium Aquarium Gravel 5-10 mm 25kg/bag

Premium Aquarium Gravel 5-10 mm 25kg/bag

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This auction is for 25kg premium quality gravel Aquarium Gravel 5 - 10 mm.

Note: Wash before using

Features and Specification:
*Size: 5 - 10 mm

*Provides a substrate for good bacteria to live in
*Helps stabilize the ph of your water
*Makes your aquarium look great

Our Aquarium Gravel and Sand is the perfect place for healthy bacteria to thrive and live plant roots to flourish, while the natural colours and textures add beauty and sophistication without detracting from the grace and tranquility of your aquatic environment.

Rinse thoroughly with tap water before use: Place 1 litre of your substrate at a time into a dedicated fish bucket (don’t use a bucket that may have chemical residues), continually pour water into the bucket while stirring the substrate and allowing the water to overflow. Continue until the water overflowing is crystal clear.

Place your gravel into your aquarium, complete setup and run with the filter going for at least 48 hours before adding fish.

Other types and bag sizes available. Check out our other listings.

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