Rotating Push-up Bars - Quality at Lower Price

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One Rotating Push-up Bar, compared with normal push-up bars, helps speed up results by engaging more muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders, and back.

~ The pair rotating pushup handles with comfortable rubberized grips
~ Stable bases with rubber bottoms that grip well on carpet and all hard floor surfaces
Smooth, long lasting steel ball-bearing rotational systems
~ The unique rotating handles helps speed up results by engaging more muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders, and back.

Make sure you can perform at least 10 regular push-ups using proper form before attempting to use rotating push-up handlebars because they may not be for everyone. The American Council of Exercise reports that while the instability afforded by the Perfect Pushup may offer a challenge to individuals with good shoulder stability and health, it could also increase the risk of injury for those who have shoulder problems or lack the strength to maintain shoulder stability.

Use the regular grip for your first workout. From your knees, grip the handlebars, one in each hand, and bring them up to your shoulders, holding them so your hands are one hand-width wider than your shoulders. Lean forward and place your hands on the ground, making sure the hands end up slightly outside your shoulders.

The bar grip is performed by getting into the up position of a standard push-up while holding onto the handlebars. Imagine that you are holding onto an invisible bar to ensure your hands are turned correctly.

Lower yourself into the down position of a standard push-up while turning the handlebars outward into the hammer grip with your palms facing your rib cage. Try to come as close to the floor as possible, then extend your arms into the up position of a push-up while simultaneously rotating the handlebars back to the bar grip. Repeat that process as many times as you can and experiment with different hand positions when the regular grip no longer challenges you.