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Sale! Universal Garage Door Remote Control Wireless Key Gate for Garage Door. Nice Universal garage door remote control opener Cloning 4 key Auto Car Rolling Code gate remote control 433 MHZ

100% brand new and high quality

1.Duplicate Your Existing Remote Controllers,such as Vehicle central locking systems,Garage doors,Electronic gates, Electrical appliances,Car sunroofs,Heating systems,etc.

2.Works with the following remote control module chips

3.Operation method

a. Clear the copy remote controller;Long press the above two keys at the same time and release your hand when the light flash quickly.
b. Copy;Press the button of the copied remote control with one hand, and press the button of the new remote control with the other hand,keep for a few seconds,release when the new remote control lights flash quickly,then the copy succeeds.
c. Use;If all the above operation succeed,the remote control can be used directly.If it can not work,please operate again from Clearing.
d.Recover;If you meet misoperation and cancel useful codes,before re-copy,you can press the below two keys at the same time for 2 seconds and release when the lights flash quickly,then the control will be recovered.

Package includes:
1Pc x Remote Control (Included the battery 27A 12V)
Note: We have in 2 style and ship it randomly.