Self-Amalgamating Repair Tape Rubber Waterproof Sealing Weld Tape

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Durable Self-Amalgamating Repair Tape Rubber Waterproof Sealing Insulation Tube Repair Rubber Weld Tape Cable Fixed


The method of use is to cut an appropriate length and then peel the plastic strip. This leaves the soft rubber tape that is tight around the items that allow them to join. After a period of time, the rubber tape joins and forms a thick rubber seal.

100% brand new and high quality
Waterproof and rubber structure.
Great for sealing or fixing!
This tape by tightly wrapping a gasket provides a waterproof and waterproof seal.
It is useful for cable repair, odd jobs at home and many other applications.

Type: Self-Amalgamating Tape
Material: Rubber
Colour: Black
Width: 19mm
Diameter of the Tape roll: 82mm
Stretch Length: 10m (Stretch rate: 200%)
Uses: Electrical insulation, waterproof

Package includes:
1 * Self-Amalgamating Tape