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The Electric Self-balancing unicycle replace a car for short distances. It is portable so you can bring it into buildings, offices, malls, college campuses, parks, and anywhere else personal electric vehicles are allowed.

How the Electric Self-balancing unicycle works
It uses gyro sensors, a powerful motor and a rechargeable battery to get you on your way. To understand the physics behind the electric self-balancing unicycle, think about the last time you went ice skating. Your feet are relatively free to move over the slick surface of the ice. When you skate in a straight line on one foot, you can see your foot steer right and left to balance your body.
This observation has been turned into a concept that has been transferred to the unicycle to help you balance and steer with ease. How? With your feet low to the ground and your legs resting against the pads, your lower body acts as one unit, like skating on one skate.
The human foot has a small mass that is easier to rotate and manipulate independently of the body than the larger mass of the hip. Using your feet to steer and balance is much easier than using your hips which is what traditional unicycles draw on.

* Model Name: SolarWalk
* Motor: Brushless
* Motor output Power: 501-800W (auto adjusted)
* Battery: 132wh, 36v, lithium-ion, Protection circuit with equilibrium function.
* Re-Charging Time: 45 minutes
* Charger Voltage: AC 230V 50-60Hz
* Max. Speed: 15km/h
* Max. Range: 20km (Depending on rider's weight, road condition and temperature)
* Max. uphill Angle: 15 degree (Depending rider's weight, temperature)
* Waterproof Dust Proof Grade IP65
* Maximum load: 120 kg
* Net Weight: 9.6kg (without Training wheels)
* Frame Material: Steel
* Wheel Hub: Lightweight Alloy Hubs
* Wheel Size: 14"
* Certification: CE, EEC, En15194, ISO

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