Solar Security Light with motion detection, 18 super bright white SMD LED 500Lm

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one Solar Security Light with motion detection, 18 super bright white SMD LEDs 500 Lumens total

The eco-friendly Solar Sensor Light features running for years without operating cost. It soaks up the sun and charges the built-in rechargeable batteries during the day.
At night time, the passive in-fared sensor can detect movement for 1m ~ 6m away within a 120 degree radius; and the bright light will turn on automatically to avoid intruder or unwanted disturbance.

- No operating cost
- Minimal maintenance
- Trouble-free system
- Solar panel: 4.5V 1.2Watt, polycrystalline silicon
- Solar panel size: 124mm*144mm
- Rechargeable battery: Li-ion, 3.7V, 2000mAh*1pcs
- Charging Time: 9-10hrs;
- Lamp: 2*9pcs super bright white SMD LEDs, total 18pcs
- Lamp plate size: 60mm*130mm, dia. 55mm
- Lumen: 500lm(on PIR mode)
- Lamp On Time:
* Dim & Bright mode: dim brightness all night on and roughly 100 motion activated cycles
* PIR mode: roughly 200 motion activated cycles
* Constant on mode: roughly 6-7 hrs

- the lead from panel to the light: 3m cable with waterproof connector
- Switch: touch switch (control 5 modes, with red indicator)
- Operation modes:
* Light sensor:solar cell charges battery in daytime; lamp turns on at darkness/turns off at daytime
* Multiple mode:
1.DIM & BRIGHT all night in dim brightness, brighten when motion detected and last for 30 seconds after motion disappeared;
2.PIR light on only when motion detected and last for 30 seconds, then off
3.TEST for testing, it will light on even in daytime;
4. ON constant on
5. OFF no lighting, but the battery can be charged by solar panel
6. flashing mode when the battery is getting flat.

- Materials: weatherproof ABS
- Passive infra-red motion detector
- over-charge/over-discharge Protection
- Detective Zone: 6m away from sensor head and cover 120 degree area.
- Certification: CE & RoHS, IP44

1 year return to base Warranty.