SPILL STOPPER LID Splatter Guard Pan Cover Food Safe - SILICONE, Red, 295mm

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No more over-boiling and spilling! SPILL STOPPER lid ensures that milk, pasta water, or other starch-based liquids never boil over again and ruin your hob. This ingenious silicone spill stopper sits on top of the pot to prevent dangerous boiling overflows. An absolute kitchen must have for a little peace of mind while cooking.

Also can be used for Vegetable Steaming

Easily prevent your pots and pans from spilling over and creating a mess with this Spill Stopper. This unique kitchen tool features a green food grade silicone construction for long lasting durability, and an innovative design that prevents pots and pan from boiling over, keeping your stove top clean. Perfect for use as a lid, or as a splatter guard, it fits pots and pans with a 5.5-9 inch diameter, and is ideal for use with pastas, rice, soup, milk and starchy liquids. The silicone construction is microwave safe, and heat resistant to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze.

Use & Care
Wash SPILL STOPPER lid thoroughly in soapy warm water before first use
SPILL STOPPER cover can be used on any smooth rimmed pot. Ensure Spill Stopper is 2 cm larger than the pot
Place SPILL STOPPER lid with “Flower” facing up, over pot. Leave lid on the pot until you have finished cooking
Remove lid carefully over the pot & allow to drain
Ideal for steaming vegetables
Save energy by using the flower insert to control the boil, reduce the heat when boil is reached until the flower insert closes
Microwave safe
Heat resistant to 230-300 Celsius
Use as a splatter guard by removing centerpiece
Made of food grade silicone

When removing SPILL STOPPER use pot holders to protect your hands from hot steam. Please keep away from open or naked flame

Box Contains:
- 1 x 11" Silicone Spill Stopper Pan Pot Lid - Microwaveable