Waterproof LCD Display Bicycle Computer Odometer Speedometer

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Waterproof LCD Bicycle Wired Bike Computer Cycling Odometer Speedometer with Green Backlight

Speedometer with digit display & image display.
Speed Comparator, Average Speed, Maximum Speed, Relative Speed.
Riding Time, Riding Distance, Total Riding Distance.
Metric system or Imperial (English) system alternative
Sensing Distance: about 60CM- 80CM
Maximum distance between sensor and the computer is 60cm to 80cm
Maximum angle between sensor and the computer is 30° .

The distance between magnet and sensor should be no more than 5mm
Wheel circumference: 957mm, 1276mm, 1595mm, 1755mm, 1915mm, 2074mm, 2233mm or 12",16", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28"
Large LCD display: 31mm x 12mm or 1.22 inch x 0.47 inch

Color: Mainly Black
Speed SPD km/h or mile/h 0.0 ~ 99.9
Clock 12/24H Hour : Minute : Second
Distance DST km or mile 0.0 ~ 9999.9
Riding Time RTM 9H59M59S
Average Speed AVS km/h or mile/h 0.0 ~ 99.9
Relative Speed RES km/h or mile/h -99.9 ~ +99.9
Max. Speed MXS km/h or mile/h 0.0 ~ 99.9
Total Distance ODO km or mile 0 ~ 99999
Speed Indicator km/pcs or mile/pcs 0.0 ~ 99.9
Battery Type :
1 piece E23A/MA21 ~ V23. 12V for WHEEL SPEED TRANSMITTER
1 piece of CR2032 3.0V for Receiver

Packet content:
1 x unit of CYCLE COMPUTER
2 x pieces (1 short or 1 long) of rubber
1 x piece of mounting shoe
1 x unit of sensor
1 x piece of plastic Screw
2 x strips of cables ties
1x battery