Bike Chains and Cassettes

Top-Quality Bike Cassette & Chains in NZ

Converting a cyclist’s pedalling power into forward motion on an e-bike depends on a cassette and chain. These are essential components, as the chain and cassette combination determine the gear ratios available to a cyclist. For these and other important bike parts in NZ, you’ll want to contact Green Eden E-Bikes...

Different Sizes and Configurations

A bike cassette is a grouping of sprockets mounted on the rear wheel axle, while bike chains wrap around the cassette and the sprocket on the front crank. Bike cassettes are available in different sizes and configurations, with the most common being 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12-speed options. Each cassette needs a chain width to fit precisely.

Bike chains are generally made from solid and long-lasting metals. Various widths and lengths are supplied to fit the specifics of the bicycle. It is vital to properly maintain a bike chain as it is responsible for efficient, smooth power transfer. On the other hand, a damaged or worn chain affects performance and results in slipping.

Competitive cyclists often favour durable, lightweight chain and cassette combinations for optimal efficiency. Everyday cyclists can choose more cost-effective options that allow smooth riding and dependable shifting.

Quality Options From Trusted Brands

Whether you’re a casual commuter, weekend warrior or professional cyclist, choosing the correct chain and cassette combination is critical. Talk to Green Eden E-Bikes for advice and the latest products. We supply quality options from trusted brands for the best cycling experience.