E-Bike Racks and Lights

Add an e-Bike Rack, Lights, and Pannier to Your Electric Bicycle To Become an Everyday Rider

Electric bikes are a blast and the perfect way to explore tricky terrain or make long trips to work without getting tired. They are relatively strong and can carry substantial weight (please check the load capacity rate, normally it can be overloaded for a few hours at a time but not allowed for long periods), and a pannier and e-bike rack can help you make the most of your bike’s load capacity.

Our bike rack and pannier bags are easy to install and remove, sliding seamlessly onto the back of your bike to help you carry more on your cycling trips. Plus, you can add lights and reflective accessories to your e-bike for the perfect after-sunset or early-morning ride...

Brighten Your Cycling Trips

Bicycle lights are one of the best investments a cyclist can make. They keep you safe on the road and help you navigate winding tracks after dark. Our range of LED bike lights includes tail lights, front lights, and wheel hub lights in various shapes, colours, and sizes, so you can customise your ride. Adding these lights to your e-bike is the perfect motivation to try a sunrise cycling trip!

Plus, our bike lights fit all Green Eden e-bikes and most other brands too.

Buy Bike Lights, Panniers, and Other Accessories

We are trusted stockists of e-bike luggage racks, brakes, batteries, bike lights, and more in NZ. Browse our online collection to find the best accessories for your bike, and we’ll deliver them to your door.