Electric Mountain Bike

Ride an Electric Mountain Bike Across NZ To Unlock its Natural Charm

Owning an electric mountain bike in NZ is essential to explore its stunning snow-capped peaks. Anyone can ride an e-MTB; they’re the perfect addition to family holidays and bush retreats. Our range of high-quality, affordable e-bikes includes mountain bikes for bike track level 1 – level 3 so you can get out and explore New Zealand’s beautiful vistas up close...

Rest Your Legs, Focus on Your Skills

Riding an electric mountain bike means you don’t have to waste all your energy on the uphills. Our e-bikes let you set your assistance levels higher for the hike so you can save more energy.

We stock electric mountain bikes with multiple riding modes so you can customise your ride. With an e-bike, you can hit the track every morning - even on your rest days!

Explore More and Try New Trails

The best thing about electric mountain bikes is how fun they make riding. Suddenly, lengthy, daunting trails become exciting new challenges when you have a battery to help you up the hill. Our e-bikes come with long-lasting lithium batteries for hours of uninterrupted cycling. Remember to pick up a charger to keep your ride ready to go when you’re not on the track.

Are You Ready To Ride?

Green Eden E-Bikes is a trusted supplier of reliable electric mountain bikes suited for New Zealand’s rugged countryside - order yours online, and we’ll deliver it to your door.