E-Bike Batteries

Shop For an E-bike Battery Replacement in NZ

E-bikes provide a practical, sustainable, and enjoyable alternative to traditional transportation methods. With their ability to enhance mobility, improve health, and reduce environmental impact, e-bikes are becoming an increasingly popular choice for commuters, enthusiasts, and anyone seeking an efficient and eco-friendly way to get around.

However, as time passes, the battery of an e-bike gradually diminishes, reaching a point where a replacement is needed. If you're in search of e-bike battery replacements in New Zealand, you've arrived at the perfect destination to find these products...

The Best Batteries and Chargers For You

All our e-bike batteries are Lithium, one of the best for electric bikes. You’ll receive a holder, a power cable, and two battery keys with each battery. We have two options available - Parrot and TigerShark.

Both battery types come with 18650 LG cells, so you can be confident in their ability to power your e-bike. Our batteries come in 48V and 36V options.

If you need an e-bike charger, our stock chargers are meant for 48V and 36V batteries. Both of these are high-quality chargers that meet New Zealand standards. They come with a 2.1-millimetre plug with an output power of 90 Watts. The operation temperature of the chargers can go up to 40 degrees Celsius while withstanding humidity of up to 85%.

We know many e-bike owners have pain on their faulty batteries. As their batteries are customised for their e-bike, and can’t find a replacement in the market. Green Eden E-bikes offer E-bike Battery repack. We may be able to re-pack your battery, replace your faulty or old battery cells with new or high quality battery cells, and replace your battery BMS. So you can use your e-bike again. Contact us for details.

All Your Bike Needs in One Place

If you’re looking into purchasing a new e-bike, you’ll come across several options in our online store. In addition to the replacement batteries and chargers for your e-bike, we stock a wide range of products to ensure your bike runs well and you enjoy riding. However, you will benefit from our conversion kits if you’d rather convert your current cycle into an ebike.