Electric Bikes

Find a Ride That Suits Your Style in Our Superior e-Bikes Range

An electric bike is a valuable investment for weekend riders and everyday cyclists. It can make riding more comfortable and enjoyable and allow you to conveniently explore remote trails and tracks. Our range of high-quality e-bikes features something for everyone - from cutting-edge mountain bikes to charming vintage step-throughs...

Electric Step-Through Bikes

Our electric step-through bikes take convenience one step further so you can navigate busy streets or explore winding bike tracks without wearing out your legs. As the name suggests, a step-through bike has a lower frame you can easily step over. They are easy to mount and dismount and are perfect for mature riders or people with a limited range of motion.

Our step-through bikes are available with hub-drive and mid-drive motors.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes have a step-over design, making them strong, sturdy, and perfect for traversing tiring terrain. Our range of electric mountain bikes is ideal for cyclists who love off-road riding among the trees. We use lightweight materials for our electric mountain bikes so you can race uphill or tackle demanding tracks without losing speed.

Our electric mountain bikes have mid-drive motors that apply motor power directly to your chain ring based on something called Torque control. Mid-drive e-bikes have their motors installed between the pedals, so they feel balanced and easy to ride, even on bumpy trails.

Buy an Electric Bicycle Online

Switching from a traditional bicycle to an electric one will elevate your cycling experience. Shop our high-quality e-bikes online and get yours delivered to your door to start riding today.