A3 Drawing Board, Drafting Board

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A3 Drawing Board, Drafting Board

Professional Head - Whether at school or at university, the Angles is fast yet precise. He has his own stop-and-go and is thus more reliable than cheaper drawing heads.
Complete Set - A3 folder for your drawings, 2 feet for 2 different angles of inclination, professional angle ruler, parallel drawing track with 2-point guidance for a smooth gliding!
Robust Material - Shelf plate made of unbreakable plastic for a long life. Thanks to the anti-slip feet, precise work on smooth surfaces such as steel or glass is easily possible!
Safely Fixing The Paper - Two magnetic clamps and a corner clamp allow secure holding of the drawing and prevent slippage of the drawing.

Package List:

2 x Anti Slip Support Legs
3 x Ruler
2 x Clamps
1 x Protractor
1 x drawing pen
1 x pencil lead
1 x Set square

1 x A3 Drawing Board