Artificial Aquarium Plant, 20-22cm - Green

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This auction is for one artificial aquarium plant, Green.

Features and Specification:

Plastic and silk aquarium plants have come a long way since they were introduced, becoming more realistic over the years. Aquarium plants, whether artificial or live provide a lot of cover for fish which helps them become adjusted to an aquarium much more easily. In addition to helping new fish feel more comfortable settling in, they provide long term cover for fish to hide in when scared, or hiding areas for baby fish which are trying to avoid being eaten by tankmates.

Made from durable plastic, does not fade nor rot or result in algae problems and durable in salt and fresh water, making it perfectly safe for your fish.

Does not affects O2 levels
Does not create wastes
Does not carry parasites
Easily removed and cleaned
Does not need special lighting

Height for each plant: 20-22cm
Width for each plant:13-18 cm
Approximate weight: 200g

Key Words:Aquarium Plant; water plant