Bicycle Disc Brake Pads - Lebycle LE-10M, metal, 18.5mm x 23mm x 4mm, for ZOOM

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A pair of Bicycle Disc Brake Pads - Lebycle LE-10M, 18.5mm x 23mm x 4mm

Note: As long as the size and shape of the brake pads are as same as yours, this brake pads can fit your bike brake!

(A pair of Brake pads is for one disc brake set)

Brand: Lebycle
Model: LE-10M
Materials: sintered metal
Measurement size: 18.5mm x 23mm x 4mm approx. (see the photo)
Suitable for ZOOM Brakes

Germany TUV certificated!

Sintered Metal pads pros
- They last the longest.
- The pad material can withstand very high temperatures.
- They don’t glaze over.
- They have lots of power at the ultimate top-end power (sustained high speed DH stuff).

Sintered metal cons
- They take time to bed in.
- High temperatures can cause mineral oil systems to fade on very long sustained descents.
- They lack initial bite feel.
- Can be noisy.

Parcel including
- 1 pair of Bicycle Disc Brake Pads

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