Bicycle Cassette Hub Remover Disassemble Tool - Stainless Steel

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One Bicycle Cassette Hub Remover Disassemble Tool - Stainless Steel

MTB Freehub Body Remover Hubs Install Disassemble Removal Tool Bike Bicycle kit


1. Made of high quality material, which is not easy to rust, durable and tough for long term use.
2. With fine turning and precise size, easy to match the bicycle hub and will not damage it.
3. Stainless steel full-thread rod has good compatibility with most type bicycle hub.
4. Simple and quick disassembling.
5. Great accessory for mountain bikes and road bikes.
6. Disassemble clockwise, lock counterclockwise, and the disassembly tower base matches, does not damage tower base.
7. Suitable for installing or disassembling the ball and bearing hub base of the slot locking structure.

Brand: Lebycle
Item Type: Hub Remover
Material: Stainless Steel
Screw Length: Approx. 15.6cm / 6.1in
Tool Outer Diameter: Approx. 28.5mm / 11.2in
Card Slot Width: Approx. 4mm / 1.6in
Application Scope: Ball and Bearing Hub Base with Conventional Slot Locking Structure.

Package List:
1 x Hub Remover