Bike Bicycle Tyre - CST, CORPORAL, C1605, 700X38C, Wear Resistant, Anti-puncture

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Bike Bicycle Tyre - CST, CORPORAL, C1605, 700X38C, Wear Resistant, Anti-puncture, 60TPI, EPS stab prevention

Brand: CST
Model: C1605
Specification: 700X38C
Colour: Black
Material: Imported Rubber Wear Resistance
PSI: 40-65PSI
Curtain density: 60 TPI (high quality)
Net Weight: 560 gram

1pcs * bike tire

1. Dual formula rubber material

In view of different road conditions, the function of the tire is enhanced. The dual formula technology is newly introduced. The compound with different properties is used in the tread and shoulder, and the wear-resistant compound is used in the middle of the tread, and the shoulder compound with good viscoelasticity is used to improve the forward traction force and increase the cornering handling ability at the same time.

2.EPS stab prevention

A layer of density stab proof fabric is added to the carcass cord to make the tire have stab proof and cutting resistant functions. At the same time, it can increase the stability of tire tread and increase the rolling efficiency of tire, which helps to extend the service life of tire.

3.Introduction of TPI

Generally speaking, the higher the TPI is, the better the tire is. TPI = threads per inch of braided yarn, and the density of braided fabric. Since the mesh cover is the main body of the tire, and the main source of rolling resistance is the energy loss caused by the compression deformation of the mesh cover when it contacts the road surface, so the good insight of the mesh cover is the key to the tire performance.