Bike Chain KMC X11L X2.0 11 SPEED CHAIN – SILVER

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One Bike Chain KMC X11L X2.0 11 SPEED CHAIN – SILVER
More professional, extra light, you could use it for racing!

KMC's 11 speed chains are compatible with all major shifting systems, it is NON directional so will work with both mountain and road groupsets that are 11 speed. Shifting performance, durability and easy mounting are other key words for KMC Chains.

With great shifting performance, it's light weight and smooth running. KMC now guarantees your satisfaction on the chain's life, which is much longer, compared to other major brands.

- 1/2" X 11/128"
- 116 Links, pin length 5.65 mm
- Slotted plates: inner & outer
- Suitable for both Road and Mountain bike.
- Double X Durability
- Double X Bridge Shape
- Fully Nickel Plated
- High Rigidity
- Highest Pin Power
- Hollow Inner Plates
- Inner Plate Chamfering, Outer Plate Chamfering
- Lightweight
- Mud Shedding Design

Bike Chain