Bike Stand - Upright Adjustable Storage Stand Vertical Floor Mount Holder

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One Bike Stand - Bike Carrier Rack Upright Adjustable Storage Stand Vertical Floor Mount Holder

You don't need to worry about punching the walls and damaging the walls, also you don't need to worry about damaging the bike.
Heat treated high quality steel with a fantastic powder coated finish.

The bike floor parking stand is a new way to store your bicycle quickly and easily, can free up more valuable space and save floor space.
We store the bicycle on the bracket, it is safe and reliable. Stable, very simple way to store, just roll the rear wheel onto the slope, lift the front wheel up and lock it in place.
This practical stand keeps your bike upright or vertical, two ways to store your bike easily, indoors and outdoors.
The bicycle stand is lightweight, portable, and can be carried around.

The bike stand FITs ALMOST ALL BIKES range from 20" - 24" Kids Bikes, 26" TO 27.5" MOUNTAIN BIKES, 650C -700C ROAD BIKES, EXCEPT those bikes with the tires more than 2.4" in width.

It saves space, can be stored in corridors, balconies, warehouses, tool rooms and other places. After installation, the length is 60cm, the width is 55cm, the height is 120cm, and the width of the tire track is 12cm. Weighs 4 kg.

This is a portable bicycle parking rack, easy to install, easy to carry. It is a multi-functional bicycle parking rack, which can park the bicycle vertically or horizontally. It has a bracket that forms a triangle with the base of the product. When the bike is pushed in, it protects the bike from ever tilting or falling.