Dog Grooming Tool Kits, Pink

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Pet Grooming Tools Kit, Professional Dog Grooming Kit (5pcs), Pink

- Great for multiple pet households and meet with the needs of pet care. Made from high quality stainless steel and PP and TPR material, this pet grroming set is durable and safe to use.
- Medium sized retractable dog leash is suitable for pet up to 15kg, give it more freedom to move within 3 meters. Easy to extend and shorten lenth. Quick brake button control locks the leash with just a thumb action.
- Large sized high grade dog nail clipper ensures a clean and quick cut. Built-in safety guard on the front of razor to prevent overcutting and causing pain.
- Single-sided dematting comb removes loose undercoat, mats, tangles and knots without damaging the topcoat. The round-headed pin comb massages your pet and makes its hair shiny; Slicker brush can reduce shedding and loose hair and make smart style for your pet. These useful tools make pet grooming a breeze.
- Ergonomic non-slip grip handle for comfortable holding and stability. Product comes with a storage box for convenience and protection for years to come.

*1 Pin Comb
*1 Bristle brush
*1 Dematting Comb
*1 Cat & small animal Nail clippers
*1 Retractable dog leash

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