E-Bike DIY Kit - 26" , 36V 350W rear motor, 10Ah LG Battery, APP

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Convert your normal 26” bike to Electric Bike easily.
This new model of KIT is a revolutionary and innovative eBike conversion kit consisting of only two parts, one rear hub motor and one bottle style battery only.

The rear motor integrates the patented smart cassette sensor, which can detect cadence and gear ratio at the same time and ensuring accurate assist power all the time.
The bottle style of battery is designed based on exactly bottle appearance, it perfectly integrates battery, LCD display and controller in one unit, and the 3-in-1 bottle battery makes the kit installed on the bicycle easily and looks nice.

Your bike must meet the following specifications, please read carefully otherwise we don't refund the round-trip shipping fee.
- 26” wheel (our Kit provides cassette hub for 7 ~ 10 sprocket cassette, cassette not included)
- Enough space at water bottle location for the Battery (size: 257mm L x 94.5mm diameter)
- The min. distance between two of your rear wheel forks is 135mm.
(Note: you need to pull the rear fork 7mm wider when placing the rear wheel in)
- The inner distance between the brake caliper and brake disc should be 11 ~ 13mm (See last photo).
- The fork dropouts slot is 11mm

This DIY Kit contains 4 parts:
Part 1: 26” Rear Wheel including Rear Rim, Spoke, cassette hub, and built-in 36V/350W brushless geared Motor with smart torque transducer.
Part 2: 36V/10Ah Lithium Battery with built-in intelligent controller (Patented product), come with Battery Holder
Part 3: Battery Charger 42V2A
Part 4: Throttle
and mobile APP (download)

- Brand Name: Green Eden OEM, designed by Green Eden
- Motor: 36Vdc 350W
- Battery: 36V/10Ah Lithium Battery, LG or Samsung Batteries cells inside (different shipment may be different).
- Range: up to 50km (depended on road, Load and mode )
- Pedaling assistant and Throttle.
- Max. speed: up to 35 km/h
- Net weight including the battery and motor wheel: 4.4kg
- Waterproof: IP65

1 year return to base warranty