Enlee Reflective Sign Outdoor Sports Warning Reflector

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one Enlee Reflective Sign Outdoor Sports Warning Reflector


1. Suspension and Magnetic Absorption: The reflective sign has two modes of use, suspension and magnetic absorption. With two hanging holes, it can be hung on the bicycle seat. Equipped with a powerful magnetic block, it can be magnetically attached to the bike frame, clothing, luggage, backpack, etc.
2. Multi Purpose: Strong versatility, multi purpose design, the triangle reflector can absorb or hang the product on a variety of objects, and have a wide range of applications.
3. High Visibility: 100m of strong reflection, 100m / of safety sight distance, it can remotely remind the rear or front vehicles. Under the illumination of car lights, the reflective sticker will be seen by the driver 80m away, and the driver's time will be longer.
4. High Brightness and Reflection: The high brightness reflective triangle plate conforms to European standard reflective standards, and can be attached to bags, bicycles, and clothes at will, which is convenient and quick.
5. Wide Applications: The magnetic warning reflective sticker is suitable for the bicycle saddle suspension, bike frame, clothing, trunk, backpack, etc.


Item Type: Bicycle Warning Triangle Reflector
Material: Diamond Grade Reflective Material
Length: Approx. 67mm / 2.6in
Width: Approx. 63mm / 2.5in
Thickness: Approx. 1mm / 0.04in
Product Weight: Approx. 12g / 0.4oz
Mode of Use: Magnetic absorption, suspension
Application: Bicycle seat suspension, magnetic absorption in bike frame, clothing, luggage, backpack, etc.
Features: Multi purpose design, strong reflection, strong versatility, both adsorption and suspension.
Use: The product contains a magnetic block built in, and an external magnetic block is attached, which can be attached to clothes, etc.

Package List:

1 x Triangle Reflective Bicycle Sign, 1 x accessory