Fuzz Away Large Clothes Shaver - Lint Remover

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Fuzz Away Large Clothes Shaver - Lint Remover


Keeps clothes and fabrics looking like new looking great

Big size, Comfort-grip handle: diameter of the shave head 6.4cm
Simple operating on three thickness: switch on, moving around, and switch off
Great for sweaters, pants skirts, socks, blankets, drapes, carpet, car upholstery and other fabrics
Removes pills, threads and fuzz
Quick cleaning by big blade
Easy maintenance, foil and cutter can be removed for cleaning
Large container for fuzz
Light weight
Very low power consumption.
Runs on two "AA" batteries (not included)

Color . Gray
Adjustable for different material thickness
H: 2.4mm thick fabric
M: 1.9mm medium fabric
L: 1.4mm thin fabric

Kind Notice:
Cannot use for shaving
Do not use on clothes when you wear it.