Remote Controlled Switch - Replace your garage door wired opener, 50m distance

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Remote Controlled Switch with a remote - Replace your garage door wired opener, 50m distance.

If your garage door remotes failed and can't find any replacement of your door remotes or too expensive to get a new remote, you can try this device, the Remote-Controlled Switch with a remote.

The remote controlled switch is just like a normal switch to turn on/off the power of any electric device (10A max.). More than a normal switch, you can use the remote to control the switch remotely.

This device is not a simple replacement of your garage door remote. It is a remote "switch" that is required to connect your current garage door wired open/close switch, so that you can use the provided remote to open and close your garage door, just like someone pushing your wired garage door switch. 

How it works
- The remote-controlled switch requires a power supply (not included) with the output of 10 ~ 14DCV connecting to the input terminals +/-.
- Set up the remote according to the manual emailed. Make sure the remote can control the switch output terminals, NO (Normal Open) and COM; NC (Normal Close) and COM. If the remote is set up as inching mode, push and hold the red button of the remote then the switch terminal NO/Com should be closed (NC/Com should be open), release the red button then the switch terminals return to normal.
- Connect the switch terminals NO/COM or NC/COM to the power circle of the device that you want to control remotely.
- You can use the remote-controlled switch to replace the wired opener switch of your garage door if your garage door remote failed. Then you can use our remote to open/close your garage door remotely.

1,Input Voltage required:10Vdc ~ 14Vdc
2. Standby currency: <5MA
3. Radio frequency (RF): 433M
4. RF working mode:superheterodyne receiver
5. Remote control max. distance :50m in clear area
6. Max. number of remotes that can be saved:19 remotes with different coding
7. Remote working modes:inching mode, On/OFF mode, Open/Close two buttons mode (N/A)
8. Output Terminals: on/off switch outputs. normally open, COM terminal, normally closed terminal
9. Output Terminals Max. current: 10A max.
10. Supported remote types:self-learning code(15272240 chip), fix code
11. PCB Size: 35*30*17mm

Package Included:
1 x Receiver
1x Transmitter