Lebycle Bicycle Double Bearing Headset - 44-56mm for Straight Fork & Taper Fork

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One Lebycle Bicycle Double Bearing Headset - 44-56mm for Straight Fork & Taper Fork


1. The outer headset is made of aluminum alloy, made by T6 heat treatment and CNC process. Built in ditch ball bearing, efficient operation, lasting silence. Metal bearing 360° rotation, high accuracy, high speed, insert the fork accurately, unhindered and free.
2. Integral sealed bearing, can effectively prolong the service life, the lubricant is retained in the bearing, dustproof and waterproof effect is good, suitable for harsh riding environment.
3. Rubber waterproof circle, choose high quality rubber material, adding a layer of waterproof circle in the headset cover, anti corrosion, waterproof, silt prevention and durable.
4. Suitable for frame head tube upper pipe inner diameter 44mm / 1.7in, the inner diameter of the lower pipe is 56mm / 2.2in, the upper outer diameter of the standard taper tube front fork is 28.6mm / 1.1in, the lower outer diameter is 39.8m / 1.6inm.
5. Meanwhile, bicycle headset straight fork and taper fork general version, suitable the outer diameter of the upper end of the standard straight pipe front fork is 28.6mm / 1.1in and the outer diameter of the lower end is 30mm / 1.2in.


Item Type: Bicycle Headset
Weight: Approx.142g / 5.0oz
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Specifications: 44-56mm / 1.7-2.2in (for Straight Fork And Taper Fork)
Applicability: The Inner Diameter Of The Upper Tube Of Frame Head Tube Is 44mm / 1.7in And The Inner Diameter Of The Lower Tube Is 56mm / 2.2in. The Upper Outer Diameter Of The Standard Taper Tube Front Fork Is 28.6mm / 1.1in, The Lower Outer Diameter Is 39.8m / 1.6inm. The Outer Diameter Of The Upper End Of The Standard Straight Pipe Front Fork Is 28.6mm / 1.1in And The Outer Diameter Of The Lower End Is 30mm / 1.2in.

Package List:
1 x Sunflower Top Cover Kit
1 x Headset Cover
1 x Urgent Loop
1 x Upper Bearing
1 x Upper Headset
1 x Lower Headset
1 x Lower Bearing
1 x 30mm Bottom File
1 x 39.8mm Bottom File