LeBycle Bicycle Repair Shock Absorbed Vise Clamp

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One LeBycle Bicycle Repair Shock Absorbed Vise Clamp

Used with a Vise to clamp any bike parts for repair, ie., Pedals, seat post, wheel hub etc.

1. Using high-strength aluminum alloy material, CNC integrated milling and cutting process, which will not harm the shaft thread.
2. Diversified functions, allowing you to easily repair and maintain your bicycle.
3. Strong adsorption force, which can protect the product from being scratched and deformed when repairing and maintaining accessories.

Material: aluminum alloy
Color: orange black
Size: 130*70*18mm
Application: can be used to intercept seat tubes, front forks, pedals, hubs, wheels, disassembly and assembly, chainrings, etc.

Package includes
1*Bicycle multifunctional front fork hub repair tool