Bicycle Pro Lubricant Teflon oil - Rust and dust proof, Excellent Lubricity

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One bottle of Bicycle professional level Lubricant Teflon oil - Rust and dust proof, Excellent Lubricity, 100ml, for bike chain, cassette, chainwheel, shifter etc lubricant.

Bicycle Special Lubricant Teflon Dry Lube For Chain Flywheel Bike Maintenance Oil 100ml

Teflon lubricating oil has the characteristics of strong infiltration and super lubrication.
Rich in nano-additives and supervising Teflon sub-particles, with time, the protective layer dries and solidifies, and the Teflon sub-particles are solidified on the surface, which plays the role of lubricating and noise reduction, and is not easy to be contaminated with sediment, keeping the parts clean .

Excellent lubricant for bicycle chain, transmission, brake and other transmission parts.
Great lubricating oil for protecting wheel chain, more wear-resistant, anti-dust, eliminating abnormal noise and keeping chain clean.
Excellent waterproof and dust-proof performance, corrosion resistance, extreme high and low temperature resistance, can reduce friction, provide more comfortable riding feeling, greatly improve lubrication performance and durability.
Oiling bicycle chain regularly will bring you a more smooth cycling experience.
Playing a great role in rust resistance and lubrication.
Great oil for protecting wheel chain.

Brand: LeBycle
Name: Teflon lubricating oil
Used for: bicycles, motorcycles
Capacity: 100ml

Note: Clean the part or area before using 

Package includes
- 1 x LEBYCLE Bicycle Teflon Lubricant oil 100ml