Bike Grease - for Hub, Bottom bracket, headset, Bearings, 50g

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One bottle of Bike Grease, Bicycle Lubricant Oil - for Hub, Bottom bracket, headset, Bearings, 50gram

LEBYCLE Mountain Bicycle Lubricant Oil Hub Bottom Headset Tower Body Ball Bearing Grease Mountain MTB Bike Grease Element.
LEBYCLE Bicycle Lubricant MTB Bike Oil Hub Bottom Flywheel Ball Bearing Grease

1. Suitable for daily maintenance of bicycle parts, such as lubrication and rust prevention;
2. Improve wear resistance and high temperature resistance;
3. Block the dust and impurities on the bearing surface, fill the main gap, and seal and prevent rust.

Brand: LeBycle
Main Material: Grease
Product color: red
Product packaging size: about 130x45x25mm
Product net weight: about 50g
Application: Bicycle Hub, Bottom Bracket, Headset, freewheels, Pedal, and other rotary parts

Packaged includes
1 x 50g LeBycle Bike Grease