Lebycle Bicycle HeadSet Expansion Plug

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One Lebycle Bicycle HeadSet Expansion Plug

Bike Bicycle Fork Steerer Stem Compression Plug Star Nut Adjuster Expansion Bolt
These LeBycle Headset Expansion plug assemblies are specially designed for carbon fibre forks and mountain bike suspension forks with a 25.4 - 28.6mm (1-1”1/8) outside diameter.
Designed to safely and securely compress your headset together.
Easy installation with 6mm and 8mm Allen wrenches.
Its an excellent piece of kit & that does what it promises.

Lengthened three-section design: Compared with the ordinary 1 section/2 section, the force area is larger, the fit is better, and the stability is better.

Body material: Aluminum alloy
Product color: Silver
Product packaging size: about 95x60x30mm/3.74x2.36x1.18in
Product net weight: about 49g
Expansion range: 22.2-25.4mm/0.87-1in
Applicable upper end diameter: 25.4mm-28.6mm/1-1.13in front fork (most mountain bike specifications)
Suitable for: carbon fiber front fork and mountain suspension

Package including
- Lebycle Bicycle HeadSet Expansion Plug x 1
- Headset Top Cap x 1