Massage Pads For TENS Machine x 6pcs

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3x 2pcs/set White Electrode Pads For Tens Acupuncture Digital Therapy Machine Massager Tools health care Massage Relaxation tool

Scope of application:
Electrode patches is applicable to the therapeutic equipment, sticky, can be used in various parts of the body ,can be long-term repeated use. The metal point on the top can be connected to the therapeutic equipment through snap fastener.

The number of the use of electrode pads is relevant to cleanliness of human skin and oiliness, so before use, it is best to wash the skin with soap (Alcohol also can be used). By cleaning the skin, it can achieve better results, improving the number of the use of electrode pads.

After each use, put the electrode patches into the original packaging bag, and place them in the shade. If the electrode patches are lightly dry, you can use a few drops of water to wet them to increase the life of the electrode patches.

Material: Silica gel

Package Content:
6pcs * Electrode Pads(3 sets)