Multiple Catch Mouse Trap self Catching Roden

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Multiple Catch Mouse Trap Humane Safe Self Catching Rodent Vermin Live Mice Rat

General description:

This mouse trap is capable of catching several mice at a time. Place it where the mice are frequently seen and they will enter the holes inside of the trap and be captured with no harm. Once one mouse is in, others will follow. Put some bait inside the trap will help to catch the problems ones. It is suitable for catching little house mice, not recommended for rats.

-Brand new and high quality
-Multi-catch humane live trap for mice
-Ideal for home, hotel, grocery, supermarket and restaurant use
-Dual door trap system guarantee captured mice cannot escape when new mice enter the trap
-Clear window helps you to see whether anything captured in the trap
-High capture rate and low escape rate
-Dimension: 26x15.5x4.5cm
-Door dimension: 3.5x3cm